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Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce is 30 and Recognizes it has "Only Just Begun"

January is Crime Stoppers Month

2017 will mark the 30th Anniversary of the Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce organization.  The Board of Directors remain steadfast in their desire to provide services that allow all residents of Grey and Bruce an avenue in which to be "part of the solution"; an avenue upon which, over these past 30 years, through anonymous tips, has assisted towards the seizure of approximately 52 Million dollars in drugs and recovered stolen property from the streets of our counties.


We're proud.  We're proud to be in a region where citizens are looking out for one another and as a result tips, since 1987, have brought about the arrest of 1,566 people and the clearing of nearly 2,600 cases.  We're proud because we hear so often that it's because of the anonymity the Crime Stoppers program provides that calls are made and not necessarily the offer of cash rewards.  Indeed, although we have paid out over $128,000 in rewards, this amount is half of what could have been paid out if all "Tipsters" actually claimed their rewards.

The Crime Stoppers movement began in 1976.  It ismade up of three essential elements - the community, the media, and law enforcement.  Our local program is operated by a group of volunteers, including a volunteer Board of Directors and community members who provide tip information and funds for the maintenance of the program.  The media aides the program by publicizing case re-enactments or details about a case not yet solved or a person wanted on a warrant, and law enforcement receives the anonymous tip information from our office staff and follows that information through to its conclusion.

Crime Stoppers has grownin numbers throughout the world.  Now, 22 countries are involved, with over 1,200 programs worldwide coordinating the people in their regions towards "being part of the solution".  They, too, enjoy similar success to ours, with new countries joining the movement each year.

Every January, Crime Stoppers Programs throughout the world celebrate Crime Stoppers Month and take the opportunity to extol the successes of the previous year.  We have moved from taking tips simply through telephone calls and now receive tips through secure Web Tips as well, with some programs even offering smart phone applications.

To learn more about Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce please visit our website at, find us on Facebook, or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..