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Crime Stoppers of Grey-Bruce News

Please join us for a one day Slo-Pitch fundraising tournament for Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce, taking place at Duncan McLellan Park, 800 18th Street East, Owen Sound, Ontario, on Saturday August 17, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Men's & Co-ed Teams are welcome! First Come First serve!! 3 games guaranteed.

Registration is $275.

There will be beer gardens, BBQ, and a 50/50 draw.

Please register please reply to this event ad.

Tournament Rules

1) All games will be 7 innings with a 65 minute time limit. No new inning started after 60 minutes

2) Each batter will start with one ball and one strike

3) Courtesy Runners – 3 courtesy runners allowed – anyone, anywhere

4) Bats – must have the USSSA BPF1.20 thumbprint stamp on it. Non-approved bats will be ejected from the tournament

5) Mercy Rule – up 12 runs after 5 or more innings, the home team does not bat in the bottom of the 5th if leading by 12 or more runs.

6) Umpires decision is final. NO APPEALS

7) Any player/team ejected from a game will be out of the tournament

8) Teams may play with 9 players and if a 10th player shows up before their team bats in the 3rd inning, they can be added to the bottom of the batting order.

9) Pitches must be a minimum of 6 ft arc – no maximum

10) Unlimited defensive substitutions, however all players must bat

11) Any foul tip caught, the batter is caught

12) Pitching screens are optional, however both teams need to agree not to use it. If one team wants to then the screen will be used

13) Players must play in in one of the first two games to play in the 3rd and any games following

14) If a player becomes injured during the game, they will not count as an out but cannot return to the game if they are unable to bat

15) No outfielders can throw a forced out at first base, in field is fair game

16) Homerun Rule – 1up. Any homerun hit if your team is up will be an out. You must retrieve you’re your homerun ball

17) If the game ends in a tie, the team with the most runs in the first will take the win, if still tied the next inning comes into play and so on and so forth

Co-Ed Only: 

1) Substitutions and courtesy runners – Female for Female, and Male for Male

2) MINIMUM 5 female players on the field at all times. If you can only find 4, you can field a 6th man but the 6th man be the catcher

3) No sliding – any player caught sliding will be an automatic out

4) No outs made at first base by a direct throw from the outfield. No outfielders are allowed in front of this line until the ball is hit. Any violations will result in the batter earning first base.

5) Batting order will rotate Man-Woman-Man-Woman etc OTHER **Winning team to hand in their game sheet within 15 mins at the Duncan McLellan Pavilion (beer garden) **No drinking outside permitted areas **Crime Stoppers Grey Bruce will not held responsible for any loss, damage or injury.